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This was from our trip two summers ago!

Amsterdam, Ireland, England. Random clips compiled into random whatever. Thanks~

The collection grows.

The collection grows.

Title Fight-Be a Toy || youtube.com


Yo I made a really awesome music video for Title Fights song, Be a Toy. Ill be uploading it in a little. Check it out!

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Short clips from our Europe Vacation to Title Fight’s song Where am I?

mostly heading to warped for Title Fight backpack.


Life goes on. and on, and on, and on.

Maybe there’s nothing.

Only this moment.

Maybe there’s nothing, only this moment.

Track: Symmetry
Artist: Title Fight
Album: The Last Thing You Forget
Plays: 1710


Title Fight - Symmetry 

You broke me like a mirror.
Seven years keep adding up.
Walk barefoot through the glass,
not a single cut.

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Track: Dreamcatcher
Artist: Title Fight
Album: Shed
Plays: 4255


Dreamcatcher | Title Fight (Shed Japanese release version)

since i won the japanese release of shed from sideonedummy records a while ago, i realized dreamcatcher was on it, but it’s a different recording than what was on america’s hardcore. and i figured other people would want to hear it too, because i don’t think it’s been released anywhere.

Ahh this is so good! And I love all the artwork they have done for their records

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Changed my url to 53reynolds. No longer xgooniesneversaydiex… That was way to fucking long

When you’re feeling safe in your skin,


maybe we’ll meet again.