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Just downloaded so much music, including The Smiths complete Discography….

Track: Something
Artist: Dogbreth
Album: Sentimental Health
Plays: 125

to live with the loss of a friend like you was something that i knew id have to do 

but it’s no less painful 

Track: oh my god
Artist: teen suicide
Album: DC snuff film
Plays: 30237

you follow me everywhere that i go.
you’re in my dreams.
oh my god.
you’re haunting me. you’re in the air.
you’re in my head.
oh my god.
i can’t be still, even in my bed.
oh my god.

you’re in my head.

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Track: About You - Reversed
Artist: XXYYXX
Album: Hidden Track
Plays: 12519


about you (reversed) by xxyyxx

live here forever inside

Okay so I was able to get this amazing opportunity to film a live set for this local band Sundressed who are opening for You Blew It on January 20th at the Underground here in Mesa and I have an extra ticket. I’m looking for someone to accompany me and help film it-if you have equipment and experience please let me know!

Type these words into your music library and name the first song that appears

Love: Love-Seahaven
Hate: Between Love and Hate-The Strokes
Light: The Light and Glass-Coheed and Cambria
Dark: Dark Center of the Universe-Modest Mouse
Good: Damaged Goods-La Dispute

Bad: Bad Vibes Forever-Teen Suicide
Smile: Smile-Tigers Jaw
Cry: Cry Baby-Man Overboard

Girl: Baby Girl, Im a Blur-Say Anything

Boy: Better Boy-Park Jefferson

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Track: mickey yr a fuck up
Artist: elvis depressedly
Album: goner
Plays: 4441


"mickey yr a fuck up" - elvis depressedly

I didn’t know anyone else listened to this band

(Source: summer-2007)

stay in bed, sometimes turning to my right, until i close my eyes 
this is not a song about sleep or death, it’s about something much smaller and paler than that 

i won’t be nice to anyone because i don’t see why i should. 
i don’t see the point, i won’t get clean for the rest of my life. 
i won’t be nice

Im buried in your glow-

will you take me with you when you go?

Track: Distress Signals
Artist: Tigers Jaw
Album: Mixed Signals
Plays: 11771

Distress Signals by Tigers Jaw

There’s something about the place that we grew up, that makes me feel nothing for where we are now. We grow up, we move out, we are indifferent. A brick wall view that reminds me of nothing but you

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Track: Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner
Artist: Fall Out Boy
Album: From Under The Cork Tree
Plays: 56611

Fall Out Boy - Nobody Puts Baby In the Corner

"Keep quiet. Nothing comes as easy as you.
Can I lay in your bed all day? I’ll be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake.”

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Track: "i'm falling in love"
Artist: teen suicide
Album: 420 Love Songs
Plays: 45323


teen suicide - “i’m falling in love”

walking back to my car
i saw you standing by the wall
i wanted to ask you your name
but i’m too shy and now i won’t see you again
if i was a different kind of guy
i’d write you a song with a hook that’s like
“oh my god i’m falling in love”

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Track: Done Right Discount Flooring
Artist: Joyce Manor
Album: Constant Headache EP
Plays: 10761


"Oh shit, what do you know, my unconditional love is a fucking joke"